Who Did It? Why? How Many Are Involved?

No single study of the 9/11 lie can have the pretense to pinpoint each and every accomplice of such a gigantic scam. Nevertheless, the evidence presented in this research establishes beyond any reasonable doubt the pro-active complicity of the news industry - to an extent previously considered unthinkable. The realization that the news media would play along with that queer gang of megalomaniacs improperly called "the world elite" takes many people by surprise. Some will object: “Wait a minute, wasn’t journalism's original duty precisely that of checking each and every move of politicians and governing bodies?” In principle, yes. Yet, today, anyone still believing this old fairy tale must be - with no offense intended - daydreaming persons of the very naïve kind. Whatever idealism may have existed in journalism’s heydays has slumped into blind subservience to the rogue warmongers of this world.

This is how one could summarize the current, sorry state of affairs : Today, the self-titled "world elite", their favored military top brass and a gang of media moguls form a rogue triad which, to use their own terminology, may truly deserve the tag of 'axis of evil'. Of course, large corporations of all kinds cling to this obligatory power-bandwagon of business opportunities. The news media represents its trusty propaganda arm, tasked with keeping the public 'happy', misinformed and apathetic. Their unchallenged power of mass control is routinely used to accomodate the triad's common, compulsive disorder : a pathological lust for greed and power. This gang of coalesced misfits live in a world of their own and have been playing havoc with the civilized society for too long. It is for the men & women of soundness, integrity and excellence to stop this madness.

The implications of all this are, of course, rather disturbing: many people will either refuse to assess them point blank, shrug them away in resignation and retreat into a “What-could-I-ever-do-about-it?”-mode. This is most unfortunate since it is akin to saying : "I am an impotent dupe and I have no solution for it". I doubt any self-respecting individual would feel comfortable with such a stance. Possible solutions? A first, smart & simple action would be to disarm that Weapon of Mass Distraction sitting in everyone’s living room: switch it off for good – or at the very least tune it to the rare, unharmful channels only. Your life – and that of your children - will fare all the better for it.

Why 9/11? Remarkably, there are still people wondering what motivations could possibly be behind the largest embezzlement scheme in world history. So, here are a few points to get the ‘why’ question out of the way: Do we all remember that 9/11 started two still ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Who profits from them? The invaders or the invaded? Who profits from the reconstruction contracts? Who cashed-in on the special WTC buildings' terrorist-insurance? Who capitalized on the massive viewer-ratings of the spectacular and longlasting TV coverage of the event? Who speculated and scored on mysterious put options placed prior to 9/11? Who remembers the post 9/11 billion-dollar federal bailouts which saved many airlines from bankruptcy? And how many recall Donald Rumsfeld's announcement - on Sept.10 2001 - that $2.3 trillion worth of Pentagon transactions were unaccounted for? The list goes on and on. By now, it should be clear to anyone that 9/11 was a big bonanza for everyone involved - just a grand, sick, money-making machine.

Fortunately, a little solace may be found in the latest findings of this research : it is gradually emerging (see the Vicsim Report) that the list of 9/11 victims (approx. 2,928) is a mostly forged database of fictitious identities and forged/morphed photographs. The 9/11 perpetrators are of course close chums with the bankers who hired space in the WTC towers - a 'genocide' of their own employees never was an envisaged proposition. Another comforting aspect of this research is that the relentlessly-publicized "War on Terror" is a hoax. All we have to do is clean up our own act - for our own good. No world-threatening 'foreign terror-cells' exist - the existing ones have no potential whatsoever to threaten our "Western way of life". The privileged Western individuals we have allowed to govern our lives are dangerous - but they are very few and highly vulnerable. Their plan to make the "War on Terror" a constant torment of our lives has now failed.

How many? Presumably just as many as were needed. Since the TV images would have effectively deceived most unwitting, low-ranking operatives of the scheme, the numbers of those fully ‘in the know’ would not need to be staggering. Having said this, the vast resources available to this multi-billion dollar operation would have attracted – and allowed for - a substantial number of participants (briefed on a strict need-to-know basis). Any risks of leaks and whistleblowing would be securely controlled with cold cash and personal threats. Historically, such methods have been routinely employed by far smaller crime rings: In Sicily, for instance, thousands of people in any given Mafia-infested town know exactly where and who the Mafia-bosses are – yet all mouths are kept nicely shut. This is plain, common knowledge.

It is my intimate conviction that this sorry state of affairs cannot endure indefinitely. Time will come when this perverse spiral of corruption will implode from within, fizzling away just as suddenly and unexpectedly as a pandemic virus. Of course, the steady dedication of individuals of superior integrity will help this day come true. One thing must be kept in mind for that day: the media moguls heading the news corporations share equal responsibility with the higher echelons of power who hired their propaganda machine to deceive humanity.

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