Visual Control of 9/11

Since the core of the 9/11 operation relied on airing fake imagery on TV (to simulate the real-life events of the day), it would be only logical to assume that a solid infrastructure was in place to ensure 'success'. To be sure, the news media has been caught red-handed many times in the past, shamelessly airing outright fake news. This time, however, more sophisticated safeguards were necessary in order to control and impede any inconvenient private footage being captured - most embarassingly leaking out and exposing the hoax. Here, we will look at some technology which conceivably could achieve these goals. Admittedly, addressing this issue requires some level of speculation, yet one may well presume that this operation would have put to good use the most advanced technology and military discipline available.

Why don’t we have a single authentic video of the crucial 9/11 events? Firstly, there are many indications that a blanket evacuation of Lower Manhattan took place after the first "plane" strike at 8:46AM. Few people were likely left dwelling around snapping pictures. In any circumstances, the chances for anyone capturing a clear image of an unexpected, sky-diving 550mph+ object are extremely slim. These factors alone drastically reduced the probabilites of undesired image recordings in the area. Nevertheless, one must assume that the 9/11 military-backed operation would have required no less than a 110% "safety level". It should also be safe to say that the perpetrators relied on top-end military technology. Thus, we may formulate a plausible hypothesis - based on the known objectives which had to be met.

If total visual control of the wider Manhattan area was a top priority of the 9/11 psyop, it would have been essential to impede any authentic footage to be captured in NY that morning. Electromagnetic weaponry (EMP/HERF or HPM) is routinely used in war zones to jam the enemy’s electronics. Read about it here . Conceivably, this technology was used to prevent any private footage being recorded throughout the limited (102min) time-window in which the defining 9/11 events took place (from first "plane" strike to last tower collapse). To be sure, the research into this field has long been a top military priority: with this in mind, we may reasonably consider that this well-tested technology was employed on 9/11. It is, all in all, a hypothesis grounded in logic and (military) common sense.

Do we have any indications from the day that may back-up this hypothesis? Indeed, we do: it is a well-known fact that thousands of electronic devices malfunctioned - or blacked-out altogether. As many as 4 important electronics-related disruptions were reported in the 9/11 aftermath :

  • 1) : all New York cell phones
  • 2) : the firefighters' NYFD radio-transmitters
  • 3) : the WTC’s internal communication system
  • 4) : the Port Authority's transmission repeater on top of WTC5
These disruptions caused quite some controversy - and were explained away with claims such as:
  • 1) : “the NY cell phone network was overloaded”
  • 2) : “the NYFD had faulty radios/was confused over new T-R channels”
  • 3) : “the WTC intercom wiring was damaged by the crashing airplane”
  • 4) : The Port Authority simply denied that their equipment malfunctioned.

The official explanations for these four serious and (apparently) unrelated disruptions, all seem appallingly contrived. Now, even though EMP/HERF beams can be calibrated to disrupt a specific Hz range, one may reasonably surmise that some ‘bleed’ may have occurred - thus affecting more than the targeted videocamera circuitries. In any case, an electromagnetic "storm" would keep any private cameras from operating. Only special cameras shielded in protective faraday-cages would function.

It would be most interesting to hear from people who may have experienced camera disfunctions in New York on 9/11 - or any other electromagnetic-related disruption.To this day, I have ran into a few relevant accounts which I submit below. If you wish to add your own, please contact me by e-mail - and make your account as detailed and eloquent as possible. Thanks!

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Letter from Quentin (aka youtube user Qmorsol) - Sept.16,2009

Hello, Simon
My apologies for having been MIA for so long. Sorry man. After returning from vacation in July I took an even longer break from the internet...cuz I needed it ;O. (I might have succumbed to a little paranoia...but anyway it's all good) I told you I'd provide you with as much detail as I could regarding my cousin's camera issue on that day...

My cousin Stephen's PVDV401 Cam failed to turn on but assumed it was the battery; he blames Panasonic for "making unreliable shit". But it was in the charger for more than 4 hours the night before. So he claims to had been somewhere on Broadway heading North when it happened. The incident actually happened closer to the second hit - before 9 am (this info he just gave me in an email). He did not immediately think of pulling out the camera until he approached as close as possible the WTC for a better view. He pulled it from his bag only to struggle with it for a bit, releasing the battery then hooking it again, he did this several times - checking everything else he knew to check - to no avail. (Mind you, he had been bringing his new camera to work almost everyday and never encountered a problem with the power).

At this point he says one cop approached him aggressively because he wasn't moving fast enough or whatever (something interesting that I guess helps support your hypothesis : Stephen claims a rather fast evacuation was in effect minutes into the event, people being directed out of there in a jiffy - being pushed up Church St and Broadway). The group in the area questioned why the 'accident' would warrant such an aggressive evacuation on the ground. He had given up on the cam - looking around to see if anyone was filming but saw NO ONE at it. He joked to me he would've tried to snatch someone's cam... just his dark sense of humor. He also says he saw trails of ground fire from afar as he was leaving the area. He was kinda happy to get the fuck out as he was having major runs all morning.

So he gets home (at his girlfriend’s apartment) tosses the Panasonic down safely and didn't feel the need to test the cam until giving it another charging session hours later. The power indicator flashed on and off each time he put the battery in, one time it stayed on a few seconds - it just didn't give any juice to the camera. Anyhow, 3-4 hours later it was fully charged again. At first it stalled, powered-on-off, then worked fine! He gave it a little punch out of aggravation, especially after seeing all the 'amateur footage' emerging in the following days …"

I don't know how much this helps you, but that's his account of his experience. I meant to ask you before, are you going to need some kind of digital signature :o ?

Now, I didn't ask Quentin to provide a digital signature of his letter, knowing full well that it wouldn't help convincing anyone questioning Quentin's sincerity/legitimacy. I, for one, have no reason to do so. You are free, of course, to do so - and even suspect that I made up this letter myself. Let's face it: until we have a real 9/11 courtcase with people submitting testimonies under oath, there is no way to get around this problem. By the way, if you wonder why Quentin's cousin didn't contact me firsthand, Quentin explained in a separate mail that his cousin didn't want to have anything to do with 'crazy conspiracy theories'- and that he was a Bush fan...

Here is another testimony to camera failure which I have bumped into. Unfortunately, this person never came back to me as I asked for more details about his/her experience on 9/11:

Message from "SassyMami"-youtube user - october 2009
"My camcorder at the time wasn't perfect and I don't know if it was momentarily powering on and off due to some defect. The litte red button on it would get stuck sometimes, or not work."

Here is a third testimony of an electronic dysfunction - although this time concerning a VHS recording of the TV broadcasts of 9/11. I am adding it to this list even though it concerns a fairly different matter. Suffice to say, lots of strange things happened regarding video-capture issues on 9/11:

Message from 'Aliendear'(youtube user) - december 2009
This was at home, on my vcr. On a Symphonic 4-head Hi-Fi VCR. In several states away from NYC. I was recording the various networks. When all was said and done, there was nothing on the tape. Just Snow.

I do not make a mistake when recording programs. The vcr is one-touch recording. I've recorded documentaries, TV shows, news, game shows. None have failed to record. But on 9/11, all the various news networks I recorded came up blank. There was nothing but snow on the video tape. And I had rewound it to several spots to make sure I was recording, or to look over an event. This Symphonic records a superior picture. But on 9/11, it was nothing.

The next one also an interesting comment, from yet another perspective, still related to electronic disruptions - (all the way from Florida!). What on Earth was going on that day in the US ether?

From the 'Daily Paul' website -
Message submitted by Maeve - on Sun, 01/17/2010 - 19:55
I was in FL when 9/11 happened. We had no cell, landline, or internet service for nearly an hour. The TV still ran, but communications were cut off. I remember that very clearly.

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