The 9/11 Memorial Scams

Could the total amount of 9/11 casualties add up to ZERO?
The 9/11 Memorials listing the alleged victims are essentially computer databases of fictitious identities. They are comprehensively analyzed by my fellow researcher Hoi Polloi here: The Vicsim Report. My longstanding 9/11 photo/video research has progressively exposed the level of deception the 9/11 perpetrators had in mind: an illusion imposed on the world's population by means of fake imagery. This page will further demonstrate what 9/11 was all about: a total, newsmedia-backed simulation which had the following, basic objectives:

1: Demolish the WTC complex in cheap fashion (against all rules and regulations).

2: Blame the demolition on 19 simulated “suicidal terrorists” with a grudge against America.

3: Generate incalculable profits for the perpetrators and their cronies - for years to come.

4: Simulate the death of about 3,000 Americans allegedly “trapped in the WTC” in order to generate worldwide outrage and the 'righteous necessity' for retaliation (i.e. murderous wars and pillaging of key resources in foreign countries). The "3000 casualties" were, of course, essential to generate a popular consensus for war.


On close inspection, it seems this is not the case.

Before reading any further, please watch this SHORT VIDEO about morphing 3D faces from a single photo.

Then, try related software yourself, through this consumer morphing program.


Back in 2001, the general public was certainly not familiar with face-morphing technologies. Today, freely down-loadable consumer softwares will morph any face into any other with ease - no technical skills required. The 9/11 Vicsims were most likely created and multiplied with this technology. In fact, it seems they used it rather clumsily - and conservatively - sometimes applying only minor changes to a given portrait to generate - abracadabra - another picture of a same/or a different Vicsim. Let us start with the case of Miss "Honor Elizabeth Wainio":


“Elizabeth Wainio” - (aka “Honor Elizabeth Wainio” depending on which website you bump into) - has a ludicrous amount of internet memorials in her honor. Just search her full name and look it up for yourself. More often than not, these memorials ask for donations and organize fund-raising events. The problem is: Liz never existed. She is listed as a casualty of the farcical “FLIGHT 93” - the very existence of which has by now been demolished in every imaginable way. “Liz” is also one of those credited with placing a cell-phone call (with her 'step-mother') minutes before her “heroic death”. There cannot be many folks left on this planet still believing this very silly tale. I have chosen Liz to expound an instance of a simulated identity; however, please look up the many 9/11 victim memorials and realize that the same simulation techniques apply to virtually ALL of the purported 9/11 victims - firefighters included. At this stage, all the available research data points to this sweeping, inevitable conclusion : (almost) no one was killed on 9/11.

Photographer: "Hey Liz - doooon't move now: I'm gonna place some stuff in that cupboard behind you for more realism!"

For a pretty girl of 27 years of age, Liz seems to have been most oddly shunned by photographers. As we scour the internet for every available pictures of her smiling face, only a bare handful can be found. Elizabeth's family seems to possess a very limited amount of portraits of the young lady - all in remarkably similar poses/ moods/ expressions...

Take a girl holding a bottle. Make her sit at your house entrance in similar lighting conditions as seen in this picture. Snap a picture of her. See if you can get her bottle's and her hip's shadow to look remotely like this. Good luck !

< tr>

Evidently, Elizabeth's expression range was - shall we say - very limited - a bit like a plastic Barbie-doll. Looks like she tried to compensate for her static freeze-face with a luscious, summer-winter-autumn wardrobe...

Seriously now : Everyone with some photographic sense will easily realize that these “portraits” are crude photoshop frauds. It transpires that “Honor Elizabeth Wainio” is nothing else than a computer-generated entity. She is but one example of an ever-growing array of people listed in 9/11 memorials who, as this research advances, betray identical signs of falsification. Do not just take my word for it: Investigate for yourself. In due time, I believe it will become clear that, possibly, all of the 9/11 "victims" are vicsims: the countless fraudulent online memorials raising funds “in honor” of non-entities should be investigated and exposed - one by one - for the scams that they are.

The digital creation of the 9/11 Vicsims had, as previously mentioned, multiple purposes. However, the most revolting aspect of all this has to be the still ongoing exploitation of these fake identities to raise 'charitable' money from presumably generous, unsuspecting old ladies and gents who, still today, willingly support any sort of bogus cause the Vicsims stand for. This is an ongoing scam - and something no honest human being should put up with.


When comparing the portraits on the various 9/11 memorials, one may often bump into 2 'different' pictures of a given person. At close inspection, however, those differences are very subtle indeed. Are we to believe the families of these 'victims' all released near-cloned portraits of their loved ones? What are the odds, in any case, for anyone to be pictured twice with very much the same expression/angle/lighting - at different moments in time? Here follow 46 such portrait-pairs. These 92 pictures need only be seen - no comment necessary:



Now, if you have been watching these portrait-pairs with friends/or family, please ask everyone to check their family albums and see if anyone can find two portraits of themselves, snapped at different moments in time,
with 2 similar expressions/angles/poses - such as in the pictures above. Good luck !

Some portrait comparisons between the 9/11 memorials are quite absurd; are we to believe the following pairs of firefighters portray the same person? Did Peter Carroll and Andrew Brunn undergo massive facial surgery in the course of their lifetime?


The case of the "ALLEN boys" is an awful mess. One memorial lists "Richard L. Allen", another lists "Richard D. Allen". They are obviously the same guy (with same 'barcode' on the cheek). The two portraits are also clearly made from the same 'matrix'. But it gets worse: On the VOICESofSEPTEMBER memorial, "Richard L. Allen" is a black gentleman ! Now, someone may say that this is a 'honest mistake' by the curators of these memorials. But consider this: Is it realistically conceivable that - after 8+ years - none of the families/friends of these supposed victims have asked for a due rectification?

Then there is the case of the "COLLINS boys". What are the chances for these 3 "Collinses" to look like brothers/clones?
In all honesty, it seems that they all could qualify as the lead actors for the next James Bond/or Superman movie...

“THE FIREFIGHTERS” : Brothers, cousins - or morphs ?
Over 300 firefighters were reported dead on 9/11 (New York City has about 11,600 firefighters). As we take a look at them, the first impression is that many seem to be twin-brothers or - in any case - present striking similarities with each other. Let's see a few relevant comparisons of these proposed New York firefighters - all of which are represented by black & white portraits. They are clearly meant to be official NYFD id-shots. Evidently, none of these families submitted to the CNN 9/11 memorial any decent, color photographs of their loved ones...

Now, here we have color-pictures of 4 police officers. Evidently, the NYPD always snaps ID-portraits with a blue background - while requiring the same expression from their recruits. Seriously now: could these 4 faces possibly be morphed from a single matrix?

Then there is the extraordinary story of the "COLAIO brothers". Both were purportedly senior managing directors at Cantor Fitzgerald (which supposedly lost more than 650 of their employees in the twin Towers). Mark and Stephen COLAIO (sadly) share the same, lone personal tribute by their common friend "Desiree". No one else has apparently bothered to comment on their very dramatic deaths - in over 8 years! They also share the same official tribute on LEGACY.COM which goes like this:

"There are countless ways to encapsulate Mark and Stephen Colaio, but the T-shirts do it in three words. The brothers owned matching shirts that they wore every chance they got. On the front was inscribed, "Life Is Good."Mark Colaio was a senior managing director and ran the agency desk at Cantor Fitzgerald, and he recruited his brother to work with him as a broker on the desk."

Mark and Stephen's joint 'obituary'

When scouring the 9/11 memorials in alphabetical order, one can often bump into a series of sequential 'victims' with strikingly similar facial features - such as hardly could be ascribed to happenstance/coincidence. It would be unrealistic to illustrate all such instances here, so I have selected two 'blocks' of personnages listed under the letter "P":


Now, dear reader, please picture yourself in this situation: A major disaster takes place and one of your family members sadly appears in the list of casualties. The newsmedia & the authorities approach your family for records/pictures of the deceased. Question: Would your family allow any sort of crappy, blurry, digitally corrupted, washed out or downright hideous image to be published for the world to see? Dear reader, allow me to respond for you: No. Not any under circumstances. And I dare add, if a perfectly horrid picture of my loved one emerged ( for any reason ) on any sort of website - let alone on official memorials - I would immediately request it removed within the shortest possible delay!

So what exactly is the deal with those 9/11 “families”? We have literally hundreds of atrocious portraits on all sorts of memorials. How did these ridiculously poor photographs even come to life? Here is a short selection of them. To view hundreds of similarly preposterous pictures, please click on this link to the Ridiculously Bad Pics Collection.

We are asked to believe that over 2500 people were trapped in the few floors above the impacts - at around 9:00AM. None of those could have been tourists, since the WTC2 observation deck didn't open until 9:30AM. Anyhow, all access to the WTC was most likely impeded on that morning.


Problems processing this research? Look at it this way: what better news than the likelihood of no one getting killed in this false-flag operation? There can be no doubt by now that the obsolete, asbestos-filled WTC complex was rigged for demolition. What a convenient plan it all was: disposing of 8 old buildings - and blame it on an 'evil foreign enemy'! A mass murder of several thousand brokers/ bankers/rescue workers never was an envisaged proposition by the perpetrators; in fact, it would have been completely foolish and pointless. Since the perpetrators could count on the total loyalty of the mainstream media and the corrupt Giuliani administration, they would have logically preferred to rely on these assets and use them to their full capacity. On the other hand, bureaucracy matters were apparently a problem for this operation; for instance, to this day, the vast majority of the 'victims' have not been entered in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index).

It is truly game over for the 9/11 hoaxers. The entire 9/11 simulation was based on fake imagery - evidently the core instrument of deception which, in fact, effectively fooled most people on this planet. The profoundly corrupt 'establishment' (selected world leaders / corporate bankers / newsmedia moguls, et cetera) make up a rogue clique no different from a tightly knit, ruthless and unscrupulous mafia ring. They have failed - and they know it.

DISCLAIMER: We believe any possible casualties of 9/11 should be investigated. To this end, we ask anyone in possession of any evidence of real people disappearing to come forward. Because of the fraudulent reporting now standardized in the media, true testimonies are required from anyone connected to the events of 9/11. If you have such testimony please visit our page on recommended actions.