Obstacles to the Truth

The road to 9/11 truth is certainly a bumpy one – ‘not surprising’, you may say - as we may easily imagine the massive interests at stake. You may choose to skip this page if you have little interest in the peripheral aspects of the wider truth search. However, many people are understandably bewildered by the 'infighting' between 9/11 researchers and may welcome some insight on the strategy adopted by the (not-always-obvious) infiltrators. To recognize the true obstacles to the truth goes a long way towards understanding why so little has been achieved to this day - by and on behalf of millions of citizens who keep demanding justice.

Naturally, the 9/11 plotters have invested large resources in order to control, hamper and misdirect the honest search for truth. It would be logical to assume that they are behind virtually all the most prominent “Truth” organizations. There follows the disturbing realization that the real obstacles to the truth are the most well-funded – and consequently most visible “9/11Truthers”. Their handlers (a.k.a. the “9/11 plotters”) are undoubtedly fully aware of the dismal performance of their CGI-crew (the hapless authors of the fake imagery). Thus, they have devised a long series of damage-control schemes to address their top concern : to divert any possible inquiry into the central role of the news media on 9/11. Here is how the plotters’ task-sheet/agenda most likely reads:


1 - Produce a large number of 9/11 documentaries for public consumption – in any format: memorial, heroic, sentimental or scientific. The latter format may bring up any sort of seemingly damning evidence. That is, anything but the newsmedia’s complicity.

2 - Diffuse all sorts of conspiracy theories on the internet – the more, the better. Promote seemingly damning aspects of 9/11 in order to sustain in people’s minds the illusion of serious investigations being undertaken; the tower demolitions, the NORAD standdown, the FBI/CIA foreknowledge, etc... – anything but the fake TV imagery.

3 - Ban, ridicule or censor all people aware of the TV fakery: Dismiss them as ‘disinformers’, 'saboteurs' or even 'CIA-funded agents'. Call them ‘no-planers’ rather than ‘TV fakery researchers’. Infiltrate their ranks to stir up controversy from within, using classic, old-style divide and conquer tactics.


Have you ever heard of Michael Moore, Alex Jones, Dylan Avery? You probably have. They are among the most prominent figures in the wide “911 truth movement”. None of them have ever uttered a word about the fake imagery shown on TV. Here’s some interesting info about these personnages:

Michael Moore: The maker of Fahrenheit 9/11, a multi-award winning movie which brings up seemingly interesting and damning aspects of 9/11. None have been followed up.

Alex Jones: The famous radio talk-show host brings up seemingly interesting and damning aspects of 9/11. When callers on his show mention September Clues, he regularly goes into a wild, hysterical frenzy. His GCN network apparently enjoys funding from ABC TV.

The 9/11 Truth About Alex Jones
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZmYxxeDxfg

Dylan Avery: The alleged maker of hit conspiracy movie Loose Change which brings up seemingly interesting and damning aspects of 9/11. He regularly calls September Clues ‘disinformation’ and bans anyone from debating it on the Loose Change forum.

Loose Change forum rules
- screen grab 8/26/2009

Loose Change: The Financiers/Webmasters Exposed

THE SEPTEMBER CLUES “FF-club” (Former Fan Club)

There are now around 50 videos poking fun at September Clues (the research) or mounting raving attacks against Simon Shack (your humble servant). I take it as a honor that so many folks are preoccupied with my efforts. There are, thankfully, exponentially more people firmly backing my research - but for now, let’s take a look at the “FF-club” with a personal story.

A jolly gang of infiltrators sprouted up like mushrooms shortly after the release of September Clues (version 1.0) in June 2007. All of them started off posing as enthusiastic fans of my research, only to abruptly flip-flop (all at once ! - around mid-2008) and have been attacking it ever since. It would, of course, be wisest of me to ignore them altogether – but since I’m often asked my stance on those ‘critics’ by honest, inquiring people – I hope this will help answer most of their queries. Here’s how the "FF-club’s" common agenda probably reads :

1. - Befriend the creator of September Clues, Simon Shack – praise his work and acquire his trust/esteem – along with that of his audience & entourage.

2. – Act initially as a helpful, genuine 9/11 researcher. Produce written/video material on TV Fakery to establish yourself as a ‘credible member’ of the TV fakery research. Ideally, pose as a consummate 'video expert'.

3. - Start nitpicking on ‘errors’ and ‘inaccuracies’ in September Clues. Accuse its author of "failing to address the errors”. Finally, launch all-out attacks on his work and persona to generate confusion and controversy. Motto : “Divide and conquer”.