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A note from Simon Shack, creator of September Clues:

I have done this research to the best of my capacity - several years of dogged, hard work. I'm certainly not affiliated with anyone/anything whatsoever. I live in an old house in Italy with two dogs UPDATE: no more. I own a 750cc, 1992 UPDATE: now, 2001 Fiat Panda and a bicycle. I am a sound engineer, musician and seasoned video editor. 'September Clues' is just a product of my personal time and patience spent investigating the proposed imagery of 9/11 - and the central role of the news media in aiding and abetting the rampant deceptions staged by the ruthless 'rulers' of our world.

Scroll this page down for some more info about me.

For any questions, just write to my e-mail box (see below) - I'll try to respond to everyone.

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The September Clues research is a non-profit public service which I dedicate to the good people of this planet. It is my personal, individual effort to improve our society as a whole. I am not linked to any group/organization whatsoever and have no other goals than to share the results of my findings with whomever wishes to do so. Virtually all the files related to this research (and several other mass-media deceptions of our times) are entirely free for anyone to download here:

SEPTEMBER CLUES graphics archive

Yes, so there's a donation button at the bottom of this page. If this makes someone think I am in it for the money, so be it. However, I hope most will appreciate that I simply don't have unlimited resources to pursue my work indefinitely - unlike the warmongers I am trying to expose. I wish they could stop fooling us and quit bombing innocent people for profit, that's all.


As some rumors around the internet have it, my documentary September Clues is "government-sponsored disinformation" ... I thought it was about time to quell this silliness simply by introducing myself. I'm an audio /video professional and the sole author of this research. Yes, I live a 'double-life' as a musician too, so there you have it - a double-faceted man ... I took an interest in 9/11 soon after the event and have been researching it ever since from every possible angle - scouring through volumes of information. As I started realizing the key of the puzzle was 'related' to my own line of work, something clicked. Norwegian father / Swedish mother. Have moved about over a dozen places as my cool father was a dynamic, on-the-road sociologist with the UNHCR firmly dedicated to helping the needy wherever possible. My music band is called "The Social Service". Don't think any more info about myself is of great public interest so I'll stop here. A few pictures below just to show I am merely made of flesh and blood ...

more than 20 years ago...
I'm the rider in the middle

at age 20 on top of WTC2
with New York ballerina

at the end of one of my
20-hour working days :O)

Thanks for any help in pursuing this research.

A note from "Hoi Polloi", the webmaster and author of The Vicsim Report:

I am so grateful for everyone's interest in this site and these topics. I could not have contributed, nor done my own research into this topic without the help of Simon and many others having done similar research before. I wanted to do something to give back to those that make good things like September Clues, and to do some measure of good in the world, myself. I "met" Simon's voice on Skype back in summer of 2008, after we had exchanged favorable notions of a collaboration of some kind for months prior. He invited me to Italy and we were lucky enough to get along well. So I helped Simon create this web site (largely through his input, while I remained the "coder" and lent my "design sense") so he could more easily distribute his movie to the public, without fear of censorship (which has, surprisingly, been a real issue, even on typical places like YouTube).

Our concentrated research of fake city environments and fake people was integrated into this site, to present our most holistic and digestible look at the "military simulation" angle of 9/11. Our research that branched off into other avenues, or which focused on the particulars of how counterfeit videos and images had been created by the hoaxers, needed a new home. So, for researchers from around the world who have become aware of clandestine military operations, we made a forum ( I have so far chosen to remain semi-anonymous (though it's easy enough to find out who I am) because I don't like the scumbags who try to make this research personal interfering with my private life too much, and because I strongly believe the "personality" angle is the way in which Simon's amazing research is targeted by n'er-do-wells; we would do well to remain focused strictly on the evidence. But of course, you must develop your own methods of determining who to trust and who not to trust. The TV and Hollywood have largely washed away our skills in this area. I hold out some hope for the Internet.

Like Simon, if you have any questions of me, use the e-mail address I provided, though I check it infrequently and please DO NOT expect a timely response. Thank you for your interest in the public good.